Career Path for Graduates with a Major in Global studies

July 23, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

Career Path for Graduates with a Major in Global studies

You should always research before selecting a major, you can start by figuring out what you’re obsessed with, what type of effect you need to make in the world, and what your strengths are. 

Career Path for Graduates with a Major in Global Studies
Career Path for Graduates with a Major in Global Studies


If you are passionate about getting to know about different cultures, exploring the world, and taking part with humans from distinctive cultures, then a major in global studies is probably for you. Graduating with a major in global studies opens up doors to an extensive variety of careers for you.


If you want the social sciences with sociology, political science, and history, you are probably the right choice for global studies. 

You should select Global Studies as a major if you:

  • Have a curiosity for getting to know overseas languages and can get to know numerous languages. 
  • You enjoy journeying abroad. 
  • Like to attend international events and recognize how they are healthy with wide historic patterns. 
  • Are curious about events happening in different international locations and love to explore things about different cultures. 
  • You are inclined to devote the time it takes to finish a long-time period venture with a thesis.

One of the advantages of majoring in global studies is the possibility of discovering a worldwide problem which you are obsessed with and creating a solution for it. 



Here are the major in Global Studies’ career options:

Political affairs                         

A political views officer gathers and analyzes facts about new trends in overseas politics. Working in political views means you may talk with numerous government bodies, increase policies, and set up and take part in negotiations. 

Diplomacy and International Relations

A diplomat or Foreign Service officer works to promote peace. There are 270 distinctive embassies across the world, and everyone has a political focus. The hiring, schooling, and orientation take place in Washington, D.C, and as a brand new Foreign Service officer, you’ll probably be assigned overseas. We have listed the career tracks for a Foreign Service officer.

• Consular – These diplomats evacuate Americans at some stage in a crisis, facilitate adoptions, and work to combat human trafficking. 

• Political – Political officials examine the political weather of their assigned country and the way it relates to their interest in the USA.

• Economic – Economic officials work to develop nice financial and alternate members of the family among the USA and overseas international locations. Their activity is to deal with the U.S.’s industrial interests.

• Management – Management officials oversee all of the embassy’s operations. These encompass hiring and schooling of personnel, actual property interests, and more. 

Diplomacy and International Relations
Diplomacy and International Relations

Foreign Affairs Jobs 

In global affairs encompass operating as an analyst, a global affairs officer, a global economics director, and more. Foreign affairs analysts manipulate the industrial and political interests of a central authority organization or personal corporation. 

Foreign Affairs Jobs
Foreign Affairs Jobs


After getting a diploma in global studies, you may go directly to Law College and earn your law diploma. Lawyers with a heritage in global studies can practice international law.

Nonprofit and development

There are many types of jobs inside a nonprofit organization. You can work as a fundraiser, in public health, in advocacy, or management. 

International trade and development

In this field, Jobs needs trade specialists, global trade finance management, global trade studies, and worldwide marketing. A global finance supervisor looks over and organizes the finance department that may have employees from all over the world. A researcher conducts marketplace studies and develops techniques for enterprise development.

Event Planning for International Events

An event planner is responsible for making plans for domestic and global events of company conferences and academic events. International planners need to work around social and cultural obstacles to arrange events in plenty of different international locations. 

National Security 

Organizations such as the CIA and the NSA lease dealers to screen threats to the USA. These dealers examine safety facts and offer intelligence records to army commanders. Security dealers and analysts also can work for personal businesses.