Five Great Jobs for People with Biology Degree

July 21, 2021 | Louis Garrick | Online Courses

Five Great Jobs for People with Biology Degree

Biology – one of the most diverse fields offers a variety of distinctive job options. The study of biology ranges from molecular study to different life processes making it the most versatile field. If you are one of those people who have an inclination towards biology subjects, then there is an array of biology degree jobs you can apply for.

Five Great Jobs for People with Biology Degree
Five Great Jobs for People with Biology Degree

For everyone who has a major in Biology, here are some job options you can consider. We have compiled a list of biology degree career paths that you can choose for your future.

What can you do After Getting a Degree in Biology?

There are tons of different fields you can start your career in with a biology degree. Whether you want to opt for research or want to get into an office based job, you can head in any direction you want.

Recently graduated with a major in Biology and don’t have any idea what to do next. Well, if you’re worried about your future as well, then this article might be quite helpful for you. In this article, we have highlighted five great jobs for people with a biology degree. Have a look.

Careers you Can Pursue with a Biology Degree:

A few careers that might interest you as a biologist are:

  1. Research scientist
  2. Pharmacologist
  3. Nature conservation officer
  4. Teacher or lecturer
  5. Science writer
  6. Forensic scientist
  7. Ecologist
  8. Biologist

Research Scientist:

One of the highly stimulating careers in biology – research. The best thing about being a research scientist is that it can be conducted in a wide range of specializations. The easiest ones among them include life medical and life sciences, which covers areas like genomics, microbiology, pharmacology and health and disease.

As a research scientist you’ll have to develop collective knowledge and additional qualifications to pursue a career in biology. Research Scientists usually work in laboratories to develop new and innovative biological methods.

Research Scientist
Research Scientist

Healthcare Jobs:

You can also work as a healthcare professional with a biology degree. With a biology degree you can work with different campaigns to help in curing diseases like AIDs, tuberculosis, cancer etc. However, for these roles an undergraduate degree is not enough. So along with a biology degree, a Master’s or enrollment in the medical school is required.

Healthcare biologists can also work as dentists, doctors and nurses with necessary requirements and experience. Thus, biologists can not only be hired in different NGOs and organizations, but can also work in hospitals and other medical setups.

Healthcare Jobs
Healthcare Jobs

Lecture or Teacher:

One of the highly-paid professions is biology. With a biology degree you can teach students of every level. Whether you want to opt for elementary school science or graduate level biology, there are tons of options out there.

With a biology degree you can encourage and help the younger children to learn more about nature and the world. You can also opt for higher studies and carry out research to serve in several other fields of biology. If you want to pursue teaching, then getting an education certificate is a bonus. With this, you can get better government sector jobs with several benefits in no time.


As a biotechnologist, you’ll have to use different biological processes to provide advantages in the industrial sector. There are tons of practical applications of biology in this field, like producing protein drugs and antibodies to combat a variety of diseases.

Biotechnologists use different scientific principles to enhance the modern technologies that are applied in different sectors. Biotechnologists also work as scientists for the development of new equipment and tools. Therefore, if you have a biology degree, you can easily opt to become a biotechnologist.


Government and Policy Jobs:

With a biology degree, you can work with the policy makers and government officials for creating new legislation for biomedical research. Your role as a biologist will be to assure that alterations to the legal system are based on scientific research. You can also work as a political advisor with different scientific organizations.

Government and Policy Jobs
Government and Policy Jobs


In this article, we have highlighted some of the major biology degree career paths that you can choose. These are among the top entry level biology degree jobs that you can opt for with a biology degree.

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