Four Well Paying Visual Arts Careers

July 23, 2021 | Barrow Richard | Online Courses

Four Well Paying Visual Arts Careers

Visual arts are inimitable art forms, including film-making, painting, drawing, illustrations, graphic designing, and whatnot. Some people express through writing; some prefer verbally communicating while some convey through art forms – it’s everyone’s personal choice.

If you are interested in visual arts, turn this from an on-and-off habit to a full-time career. This field is so extensively broad, with so many numerous career options that anyone with a bit of interest can easily pursue it.

Four Well Paying Visual Arts Careers
Four Well Paying Visual Arts Careers

Benefits of Visual Arts as a Career:

Are you interested in pursuing something that interests you? Are you tired of the same 9-5 corporate jobs as well? If you are more of an art person, then consider pursuing visual arts as a career.

Visual art careers are way more relaxing. Without strict timings and a hectic routine, you can easily work according to your convenience. Not only this, the field is so broad that you can opt for anything that interests you. From painting, illustrations, and graphic designing to animation, drawing, and photography – you can choose any art form you like

Visual Arts Careers to Choose:

Yes, sometimes pursuing a career in an art form can be difficult, but there are a few things that you need to know.

Networking is the key. If you’re into visual arts, then the first thing you need to do is socialize. Engage with more people so that people begin recognizing your talent. Other than this, freelancing with the skills is also a great way to kick off.

Here we have combined a list of the highest paying visual art careers that you can pursue. Have a look.


There are so many different directions to pursue your career in animation. To step your foot in animation, you can choose the art industry, stop-motion animators, art directors, video editors, video game designers, etc. Other than this, forensic animators, advertising artists, and mathematical modelers.

The next important thing one is concerned about is salary. The overall salary range is between $47,041 and $61,391, which is quite enough for a good living.

Video Game Design:

As a videogame designer, you can become an important part of the entertainment industry. Video game designers are mainly responsible for designing video game’s characters, storylines, and characters. Along with a team, you’ll have to work on developing different aspects of a storyline. 

For this, you’ll need a degree in computer science, multimedia design, or computer engineering. According to the statistics, a video game designer can make almost $10,800 per month. Therefore, a career in video game design is a good choice.

Video Game Design
Video Game Design

Graphic Design:

So many people are pursuing graphic design as a career. Since there is so much diversity in this field, it is easier to get in. as a graphic designer, you can get ahead as an advertising director, brand and logo designer, sign designer, advertisement designer, and magazine layout designer. The good thing is that you can earn quite a handsome amount as a graphic designer.

In short, graphic designers is one of the top careers to choose from. You can easily get into the field without any prior experience. The average salary of a graphic designer is almost $4800, which makes it among the highest paid visual art careers.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design


Love capturing special moments, sceneries, and nature? Well, if photography is just a habit yet, why not convert it into a full-time career and earn something. To begin your photography career, all you need is a good eye, a camera, and someone to model for you. You can initiate by taking some photography courses where the mentors will guide you a little. And eventually, you can kick start your career.

Since it is a tricky business, therefore, predicting the exact salary is a little difficult. However, the average salary of a photographer is somewhat between $30-40K.

If you think of one of the best visual arts career opportunities, then photography is certainly one of them.


Final Thoughts:

Thus, anyone interested in visual arts and design should choose a visual art career pathway. This is the best way to turn your hobbies into a well-paid career. Therefore, if you are thinking of pursuing a career, then list of visual arts careers is the one. 

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