How to effectively hire a Content Strategist

August 05, 2021 | Carver Stephen | Online Courses

How to effectively hire a Content Strategist

Hiring can be a really difficult process, especially when hiring someone from a competitive field. Some jobs like that of a content strategist require keen observation and thorough interviews before choosing the right person.

Most of the hiring managers are often confused about;

What is a Content Strategist?”

Content Strategists and content marketers are one of the newest job titles in marketing. We all know that content strategists aren’t in charge of forming more content, instead, they strategize and translate organizational and marketing strategy into proper content. 

How to effectively hire a Content Strategist
How to effectively hire a Content Strategist

Most customer interactions occur through content, which is the road to success for any organization. However, only 22% of the marketing managers believe customer experience has outdone client’s expectations.

Appointing a strategist can be a real game-changer. If you do it on your own, you can make several mistakes when developing a content strategy. So, having a professional who can emphasize maintaining tactical direction in different videos, posts, and infographics can help in strengthening your brand. 

What Does a Content Strategist Do?

As a content strategist, you’ll have to work thoroughly with the sales team and emphasize customer demand to contrive strategies that can set priorities by the head of content operations. They also conduct periodic content analyses to figure out whether the content is appraising up to the expectations. 

The content strategist emphasizes the strategic elements of content marketing, like speeding up funnel velocity. Upon the size of the company, they might achieve a team emphasized to create their content. Other than this, they are also skilled at analyzing how content is adapting to improve results. 

What Does a Content Strategist Do
What Does a Content Strategist Do

What Qualities Do You Need to Look for While Hiring a Content Strategist?

As a hiring manager, it is quite challenging to hire a content strategist. If you are a hiring manager, it is significant to figure out the following qualities in a content strategist to choose the best contender. 

  • The content strategist should have excellent writing and communication skills.
  • They should have excellent project management skills.
  • She is punctual and doesn’t miss deadlines.
  • Should be able to manage abilities strongly.
  • They should be highly organized, well-orientated, curious, and creative. 

Best Ways to Hire a Content Strategist

Wondering how to hire a content strategist? Well, here are some qualities you need to look for in a content strategist. 

Should Be Creative

As you go through the portfolios of different applicants, make sure you find versatility and creativity. The same tone, voice, and style across the various channels can make your brand basic. Look at their experience and observe the change and evolvement they’ve shown. Make sure the candidate you’re opting for brings diversity and uniqueness to make your brand distinguishable. 

Should Have Good Understanding of the Client’s Story

A content strategist needs to understand the journey and story and then convey the message to the team impressively. Because of the robust technological development, the need for digital content strategists has increased. Therefore, opt for a candidate who is good at telling clients’ stories and has a good background in digital marketing and digital advertising

Should Have Good Understanding of the Client's Story
Should Have Good Understanding of the Client’s Story

Should be Punctual

You need to hire someone who is deadline-driven. Clients do not wait!!!

Therefore, a person who has a record of being organized and orientated during pressure chooses them. Since there is a perfectly scheduled editorial calendar, therefore, it is necessary that your content strategist can work seamlessly under a deadline. 

Should Keep Themselves Up-to-Date

Since new tools and applications are being launched now and then, therefore, hiring someone who can quickly learn and adapt themselves accordingly is of great help. Knowledge regarding Search Engine Optimization and such tools is quite significant to keep the company up-to-date and recognizable. 

Should Keep Themselves Up-to-Date
Should Keep Themselves Up-to-Date

Should Have Good Communication Skills

Communication is the key. To make sure that you have hired an excellent and proficient content strategist, check their communication skills. Someone thorough and fluent with their communication can easily communicate with the clients.

They can also convey their stories in different tones and styles and be the perfect voice of the company. Thus, for a content strategist, hire someone who has extraordinary communication skills.


This article has thoroughly discussed everything a hiring manager and team needs to know before hiring a content strategist. Therefore, before you are hiring one, make sure you go through the list. You’ll definitely find it helpful. 

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