How to make a Facebook messenger bot in 24 hours

July 25, 2021 | Smith Adela | Online Courses

How to make a Facebook messenger bot in 24 hours

Ever since chatbots are introduced, people are using them to their advantage. And why not? The bots have proved themselves better than humans.

Why should you build a Facebook chatbot?

There are many reasons for this question. Let’s see what your chatbot can do for you.

  • It can directly communicate through messenger. People are more likely to see Facebook messages than emails.
  • You can save money by using a chatbot instead of hiring a person.
  • Facebook messenger bots can generate better leads and turn visitors into buyers.
  • The bots don’t get tired like humans. They are available 24 hours.
  • Your bots can make sales and transactions with the right content.

Chatbots are better and more efficient. Therefore, people are switching to these chatbots.

Why Should You Build a Facebook Chatbot
Why Should You Build a Facebook Chatbot

The ultimate guide on how to build a Facebook messenger bot

In this blog, I will guide you step-by-step on how to make a Facebook messenger bot. And that too, in under 24 hours. You won’t even need coding or programming. You can make your AI-driven bot easily.

Make a mind map

Before starting, you must have an outline in your mind. The frequently-asked-questions and basic queries that your customers may have. You need to consider what your audience will want. It can be the price or quality assurance or anything else. When you keep these in mind, you will understand the purpose of your bot. The things your bot will say and represent directly depend on these questions.

Design a theme for your bot

Your bot will represent you and your brand. Therefore, it must depict a clear picture of your company. Many people like to humanize bots. These bots have exceptional communication skills and a personality. They are polite and represent their companies well.

Design a Theme for Your Bot
Design a Theme for Your Bot

Select your platform

Now comes the action part. There are plenty of platforms for chatbot building. Whichever you select is up to you. The platform’s examples are mobile monkey, Chatfuel, ManyChat, and others. However, if you want to create a simpler bot, you should use the ManyChat free bot. ManyChat is a Facebook messenger bot builder and it can generate simple decent bots in under 24 hours. 

You can go to ManyChat and create your free account. You can sign up through Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts. You must have a Facebook page, this is where you will deploy your bot. ManyChat will ask permission to access your Facebook page. 

Select Your Platform
Select Your Platform

Link your Facebook page

Once you grant access to your Facebook page, you will get an option to connect. Click on this option. Now, your Facebook account and ManyChat account are connected. 

Create your content

Now, you have to build content that your chatbot will say to your customers. Here you will apply all those things you brainstormed during step one. 

You have to start with your greeting message. You can see the option under the ‘automation’ tab. It can be an audio, video, or a simple text message. ManyChat will allow all these features. This is important because it is your first impression of your customers. You can add a personal touch or customize it according to your standards. 

Set your main menu

Under the automation tab, you will find the main menu option. Here you can add details about the product, price, description, etc. You can also target keywords to generate automated responses. Such responses will directly predict and provide better customer service

Enable your Facebook messaging option

The last and final step of bot-building is to add a message button. Your message button does not appear itself. You have to go to your Facebook page and do these,

  1. Click on the “add a button”.
  2. A popup will appear. Click on ‘contact you’ and “send a message”. 
  3. It will ask you where it should send messages, click on “Messenger”.
  4. Send a message and test your messenger bot.
  5. Voila! Pat yourself on your back because you did it.
Enable Your Facebook Messaging Option
Enable Your Facebook Messaging Option


This is how you make your Facebook messenger bot free. However, this is a simple bot. Advanced bots can do many things and their building can take weeks. In the end, your content matters a lot. It has the power to make or break the sale. So, make sure you think it out and keep it unique.