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Business administration is a field of study in colleges or universities that provides general knowledge of business principles and practices. It includes all the aspects of over-looking and supervising business operations. 

Business Administrator
Business Administrator

The majority of business administration jobs have business administrators establish and carry out various policies and procedures.  Their main goal is to direct and organize a system’s financial and budgetary activities. Moreover, masters of business administration manage general activities related to products and maintaining services.

Now that we have thoroughly discussed business administration let’s hop right through the article to know more about the jobs and their importance. 

Importance of Information Technology

Before going through the importance of information technology in business administration, let’s get to know what Information Technology is about. 

Information Technology or IT is used in the context of computers. The IT sector uses software and computers to handle information. If we talk about it in detail, then Information Technology (IT) builds communication networks for a particular company. 

Information Technology further covers safeguarding data and reports, creating and analyzing databases, helping employees troubleshoot problems with their respective devices, and doing a series of other works to ensure the efficiency and security of business materials. 

Therefore, the importance of information technology becomes a must for any business that brings its relevance to the table. 

Generally speaking, technology is seen as a business necessity. It lends a faster, convenient, and more adequate way of performing business transactions. Some of the actions of technology in business add accounting systems, management information systems, sales systems, and other complicated ones. 

Information Technology
Information Technology

Uses of Information Technology: 

In business administration, information technology is heavily incorporated. Not only that, but businesses are collecting more operational data to help optimize processes and run more efficiently. 

Some of the uses of information technology are as listed below; 

  1. Communication: 

The business world runs through the link of communication. It plays an essential role in maintaining the relationship between employees, suppliers, and customers. Consequently, IT simplifies the forms to communicate through emails, video chats, and social networking websites. 

  1. Security: 

Nowadays, businesses are mostly subjected to security threats and vandalism. But technology saves the day! We can inculcate technology to protect financial data, confidential executive decisions, and other means that lead to competitive advantages.  By creating strong passwords, a business can ensure that none of its ideas can be copied by its competitors. 

  1. Time-Saving:   

IT applications do a pretty good job in retrieving information from a database or website.  A company can conduct quick searches by simply entering a keyword such as the name of a customer.  Another way of saving everybody’s precious time is the duplication method. Many emails can be sent to as many people, and all of this is just a click away. 

  1. Readiness Of Operations: 

Alongside all the uses of information technology mentioned above, the most crucial one has to be the ability to accomplish efficiency. Thus, technology primarily promotes a business to understand its cash flow and preserve precious resources such as time and physical spaces. 

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What are The Possible Career Lines as a Business Administrator? 

As a business administrator, you can get your foot in the door by taking any of the countless jobs this field of study offers.  We have listed down some of the common ones to get you started! 

  • Sales Manager; you’ll be responsible for the company’s revenue. 
  • Business Consultant; you’ll be proposing ways to help the company’s efficiency. 
  • Financial Analyst; you’ll be gathering data and making financial recommendations for the company. 
  • Market Research Analyst; you’ll be helping the company understand their customers and meet their demands. 

More jobs include loan officers, HR specialists, training and development specialists, and many more. 

Development Specialists
Development Specialists


The use of technology is one the most important skills you need to succeed in business administration. Being a business administrator might be challenging, but all that hard work will pay off once you dedicate yourself to this field. Fortunately, this post was helpful, and you got to know more about business and how it is interlinked with technology.